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    A weekly blog written by Angela Blackburn.
    It aims to share who we are, what we do and why.

    If you aren’t familiar with Home Suite Hope (HSH), you have probably heard about, or attended, our signature fundraiser, Empty Bowls. Modeled after the traditional ‘soup kitchen,’ the fundraiser literally serves up soups crafted by local restaurateurs, as well as a heaping helping of awareness about us. HSH has transformed over the years – originally assisting homeless men to now assisting single-parent families, usually mothers, who are either precariously housed or facing homelessness.

    Learn more about what we do and why we do it below. 

    What does HSH do?

    Through partnership with Halton Region, our year-long Stabilizing First Halton provides wrap-around support for parent participants to become stable not only in housing, but also with life skills and child care, as well as take academic upgrading and assessment. Homeward Bound Halton then sees eligible participants go on to study a two-year college program in fields identified as having good prospects for employment and earning potential. Graduation is followed by mentorship and supported employment searching.

    HSH supports our participants and their family as they gain education and employment so they can graduate and support themselves.

    Now, why we do it.

    What is the need in an affluent region like Halton and what challenges do single parents face? Read our blog each week, new posts go up every Friday, to delve into these issues.