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    Through the United Nations, the world has adopted a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As all UN members come together for a global movement to make a collective change, all local organizations must also come together to create an even brighter and prosperous world.

    Home Suite Hope prides itself as a leading local charitable organization that aligns our organizational mandate with the UN’s SDGs. To make our contribution towards the 2030 Agenda, we empower our participants by changing the patterns of poverty to a legacy of prosperity through education, economic opportunities and bridging the gender pay gap. Our transformative and innovative wraparound approach to poverty reduction considers the needs of the whole family helping them stabilize their lives so together, they can become self-sufficient, breaking the cycle of poverty.

    Home Suite Hope is a part of the solution towards building a more sustainable and resilient future for single-parent families, and the greater global community.

    Just like wealth, so can poverty be passed on in families. Children raised in poverty are in danger of repeating the cycle. Home Suite Hope helps families change past patterns of poverty into a lasting legacy of prosperity and stability for generations. Poverty is more than not having enough money—it is about having a lack of trusting relationships, resources, and people who believe in us.

    At Home Suite Hope, we give our participants access to the most needed supports so they can transform their lives permanently: access to a free college education; employment programs; and rental subsidies that ensure there are roofs over their heads while they work to stabilize their futures. We add in mental health supports, dedicated caseworkers, life-skills training, mentors and more.

    We provide all of this at the same time because poverty is not caused by one thing going wrong. Poverty is caused by a tangle of problems. To break the cycle permanently, a set of wrap-around supports are needed all at once.